The AMCHAM CSR Committee has been running the ACE Recognition Awards, which identifies AMCHAM members’ CSR best practices that demonstrate an understanding of the linkages between business operations and society, and conducting business in a way that creates long-term economic and social value for nine years.

  • Excellence in CSR Projects Award
  • Excellence in CSR Projects Award (Under 1 million Baht)
  • Excellence in Developing Smart People Award
  • Excellence in Education Partnership (Ambassador) Award

Our four Excellence Awards highlight some of the most outstanding efforts by our members, and we’re immensely proud of these winners. While these ACE awards recognize specific achievements with strong positive impacts, they’re also meant to celebrate and honor the sustained responsible business practices of our member companies who invest in their communities year after year. In fact, some companies with us tonight have been recognized for their CSR activities for nine consecutive years. That’s nine years of conducting business in a way that creates long-term, sustainable economic and social value.

The beneficiaries of these CSR programs encompass all strata of Thai society, and they tackle the most pressing of social issues. In education, companies provide entrepreneurship and personal finance skills to young adults from low-income backgrounds, STEM education for kids, and vocational skills training for adults. In the area of environmental protection, the focus is on restoring ecosystems and introducing green manufacturing processes; in economic development, new opportunities are delivered to women and other segments of society with traditionally limited options; in healthcare, businesses deliver health and wellness programs to overlooked populations.