AMCHAM Corporate Social Impact Awards

At AMCHAM, we are proud of what our member companies do to give back to Thailand and Thai society, making the business and social environment better for all of us. 

To honor these efforts, AMCHAM awards Corporate Social Impact Recognition to companies that demonstrate an advanced understanding of the linkages between business operations and society and conduct business in a way that creates long-term economic and social value. Our goal is to identify excellence, not just through individual projects or monetary contributions, but through good internal strategy and systems to support sustainable business and integrate it throughout the company's business practices. In 2023, 98 AMCHAM members received Recognition status.  In addition, each year we grant a few Special Awards for exceptional individual projects that represent the best of sustainability programming. 

Throughout the year, our Corporate Social Impact Committee conducts year-long programs including events to share best practices, provide support and resources for member companies who are developing or improving their sustainability strategies, as well as build a network of CSR and sustainability professionals to magnify the positive impacts. 

Each November, in Thanksgiving week, AMCHAM hosts the AMCHAM Corporate Social Impact Awards Gala Dinner to celebrate our award winners. 


Jun 14: Application Opens
Aug 9: Application Closes
Early Sep: Announcement of Recognition Recipients and Special Awards Finalists
Oct: Special Awards Judging Panels
Nov 13: AMCHAM Corporate Social Impact Awards Ceremony



Corporate Social Impact Recognition

AMCHAM awards Corporate Social Impact Recognition each year to companies whose overall business practices meet a benchmark of sustainability excellence. In addition, we recognize different tiers for companies who receive this award in consecutive years:

Silver level: 3 consecutive years
Gold level: 5 consecutive years
 Platinum level: 10 consecutive years

Special Awards

Our Special Awards honor individual projects that show their excellence under specific themes. The 2024 special award category are: 

The Ambassador's Award
Empowering and creating resilient communities through education, upskilling, and entrepreneurship

♦ The Thai Development Award
Fostering Climate Resilient and Sustainable Future in the Face of Climate Change Challenges

The Impact Excellence Award
Nurturing an inclusive society by embracing diversity to reduce inequality (DE&I)


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