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AMCHAM Position Papers

AMCHAM continues its Advocacy for a Competitive Thailand. Below are AMCHAM's position papers on key issues affecting Thailand's regional and global competitiveness. For more information on AMCHAM's advocacy efforts, contact AMCHAM Executive Director, Heidi Gallant.

AMCHAM Position Paper on Visa and Work Permit (August 2018)

AMCHAM White Paper – Contributions to Thailand 4.0 (February 2018)

AMCHAM Position Paper on Digital Economy (August 2017)

AMCHAM Press Release on Excise Tax Reform (July 2017)

AMCHAM Press Release on New Customs Act (June 2017)

Reinforcing Thailand's Competitiveness (2015)

AMCHAM Position Paper on the Reform of Royal Thai Customs Law (December 2014)

Abstract of AMCHAM Automotive Council White Paper (March 2010)

Auto Council - Roadmap to a Better Labour Environment (September 2010)

Auto Council - Maintaining & Building Automotive Investment Attractiveness in Thailand (September 2010)

AMCHAM Letter to the Prime Minister on Map Ta Phut (August 2010)

A List of Recommendations on ROH Tax Incentives and Labor Policies (March 2010)

AMCHAM Position Paper Making Thailand Easier to Live and Work for Foreign Business People (September 2014)

AMCHAM Position Paper on Arbitration in Thailand (October 2009)

AMCHAM Position Paper U.S.-THAI Partnership for a Competitive Thailand (March 2010)

AMCHAM Position Paper Talking Points Regarding Proposed Changes to the Excise-Related Laws (October 2009)