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Heidi Gallant

Heidi Gallant
Executive Director

Heidi took over as Executive Director at AMCHAM in July 2018. She has been managing other membership associations in Asia for the past 2 years and has a background in the school industry. Heidi will work with members to improve the Chamber’s value proposition and to institute new activities which will foster member. She will welcome every opportunity to get feedback from AMCHAM members. Heidi is also Vice President of the AMCHAM Foundation.

Sarawan Dever

Sarawan Dever
Deputy Director

Sarawan has been with AMCHAM since 2018. She is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of the Chamber, and is currently spearheading a project to comprehensively upgrade our membership systems, website and online communications.  Her other duties include working with our membership team to enhance member experience and working with AMCHAM staff overall to ensure the high standards of operational excellence that you have come to expect from us.

Tomwit Jarnson

Tomwit Jarnson
Government Affairs and Public Policy Director

Khun Tomwit has been with AMCHAM since 2017.  He is responsible for implementing AMCHAM’s  Government Affairs and Public Policy Strategy.  His main roles are AMCHAM’s Government advocacy work and engaging with relevant ministries regarding public and regulatory frameworks.

Sarudha (Orn)

Sarudha Netsawang (Orn)
Membership Services Director

Khun Orn has been with AMCHAM since 2006. She is in charge of growing AMCHAM’s membership through networking and reaching out to new and established businesses in Thailand. She is an editorial team member of the Handbook Directory and manages a portfolio of Committees and Committee Coordinators. She also oversees a number of special events such as Bowling and Golf Tournament.


Zipporah Goetze
Communications Director

Zipporah has been with AMCHAM since the summer of 2018. She is responsible for all of AMCHAM's internal and external communications, as well as the direction of our social and digital media initiatives.  She is the editor of T-AB magazine and a member of editorial team.


Sheree Tanpensuk
Special Projects/Foundation Coordinator

Sheree has been with AMCHAM since 2008. In addition to providing support to the Executive Director, Sheree oversees AMCHAM's regular events, such as the monthly luncheon, social networking, and the Governors Ball. Sheree also works with the AMCHAM Foundation and is coordinate for the Travel and Tourism Committee.

Suree (Lek)

Suree Salee (Lek)
Financial & Administration Manager

Khun Lek has been with AMCHAM since 2004. She is in charge of accounting for the Chamber and the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation. She is also responsible for purchasing and facilities management as well as HR tasks such as payroll, social security and personal income tax filing.

Kittithida (Kittie)

Kittithida Prakasukarn (Kittie)
Committee Coordinator

Khun Kittie has been with AMCHAM since 2008. She is responsible for coordinating AMCHAM's signature events, such as the USA Fair and Independence Day Picnic. Khun Kittie is also coordinator for the following committees: Aerospace, Auto Council, CSR, Customs & Excise, Government Affairs Council, and Trade & Investment.

Warunee (Amy)

Warunee Premo (Amy)
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Khun Amy has been with AMCHAM since 2015. She is responsible for AMCHAM's marketing sales efforts and promotions, supporting communications, media relations, publication, and assisting with in-house marketing media. Khun Amy coordinates advertisements for AMCHAM website, T-AB magazine, Membership Directory, and she is a member of AMCHAM editorial team.

Nantreesorn (Pen)

Nantreesorn Ponwilai (Pen)
Committee Coordinator

Khun Pen has been with AMCHAM since 2016. She assists the membership team with administration tasks and responsible for coordinating the work of following committees: Community Engagement, Digital Economy, Energy & Environment, Healthcare, Human Resources, Legal, SME, and Food & Agri-Business.  Khun Pen is also provide supports for the AMCHAM Foundation.

Supreeya (Natty)

Supreeya Wongumpornkrai (Natty)
Administrative Assistant

Khun Natty has been with AMCHAM since 2017.  She assists with general administrative tasks, events preparation, and operation of AMCHAM major events.  She is responsible for incoming mails,  phone calls, and attends to AMCHAM's visitors.

Pojjanee Bunju (Poj)
Office Assistant

Khun Poj has been with AMCHAM since 2004. She is AMCHAM's caretaker, coffee expert, and mailing clerk.


Veeraphon Lerdpiriyasakulkij (Pong)

Khun Pong has been with AMCHAM since 2013. He is the office driver and also provides general support.

Saken (Ton)

Anusorn Tainsap (Nhong)

Khun Nhong has been with AMCHAM in 2016. He is AMCHAM's bill collector and messenger.