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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am looking for a job in Thailand, can AMCHAM help me?

Q: I want to import products into Thailand. Do you have a list of companies or manufacturers that I can contact?

Q: I want to export goods from Thailand to my home country. Is there a list of companies providing goods for export?

Q: I'm an exporter to the U.S., where can I find how to begin and the best ways of marketing to importers & wholesalers?

Q: How can I obtain a list of American companies operating in Bangkok?

Q: Why should I or my company join AMCHAM?

Q: How do I apply for membership?

Q: Do you have to be American or work for an American company to join AMCHAM?

Q: Can I join AMCHAM if I don’t live in Thailand?

Q: What is the AMCHAM mission?

Q: What are the AMCHAM objectives?

Q: How do I sign up for a committee? Does it cost extra?

Q: Can non-AMCHAM members join a committee?

Q: What kinds of events do you hold?

Q: What is the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation?

Q: How can we support Thai schools, students, and teachers through the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation?

Where can I get more information about FATCA?

Q: How can I promote my business in AMCHAM publications?

Q: What are the AMCHAM sponsorship/promotion fees?

Q: What is T-AB Magazine and what is its circulation?

Q: What is the AMCHAM Annual Membership Directory?

Q: How do I obtain extra copies of the AMCHAM Membership Directory?

Q: To whom shall I send my company press releases?

Q: How can I update my details on the website and in the Membership Directory?