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APCAC Doorknock to Washington DC, June 19-22

This event occurs in the past This event occurs in the past.
Date & Time: 19-Jun-2017 12:00 Members Only  
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APCAC's mission is to improve the competitiveness of U.S. business in the Asia-Pacific region.

APCAC members combine their resources and knowledge to develop a common understanding of regional issues, problems and concerns facing the American business community in Asia-Pacific. Member chambers communicate on an ongoing basis and gather annually, in March, to discuss and adopt positions on priority issues. A strategy is developed for expressing and giving effect to our opinions on each issue. APCAC identifies organizations with mutual interests and pursues a course of action to disseminate and communicate our positions to relevant governments and other organizations.

APCAC meets annually with U.S. Government decision-makers during a "Washington Doorknock" in June, when APCAC's chairman leads a delegation to the Nation's Capital. Meetings are held with leaders of Congress and senior members of the Administration. APCAC's annual trip increases the U.S. Government's awareness of American business activities and concerns in the region.

This year's Doorknock is scheduled for June 19-22. 
Planning for the upcoming Doorknock has begun and we are looking forward to educating members of the new Administration and Congress about our priority issues. The meeting schedule changes often in the weeks prior to the Doorknock so please be patient as we firm-up all the details. For your planning, here is an outline of the doorknock:

June 19 - Doorknock Briefing Session

June 19 - Meetings with Executive Branch & Political Experts
June 19 - Evening Reception
June 20 - Meetings with Executive Branch & Think Tanks
June 20 - APCAC Board Meeting
June 20 - Evening Reception
June 21 - Meetings with Legislative Branch
June 21 - Delegation Dinner
June 22 - Individual Chamber Meetings

There is a $1,000 registration fee to participate in the doorknock. This fee does not cover your airfare, hotel, or other expenses. It does cover meeting costs, briefing book and other materials, and some meals/receptions. Please note that APCAC delegates are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. We do not have a preferred hotel or a block of rooms reserved.

 Please click on the link to register for the doorknock:

All members welcome to attend. Please contact for more information.