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US Election outcome - House Committee rosters

Information provided by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The attached document discusses the make-up of the Congress, and shows the change in Committee memberships based on which Members are not returning for the 116th Congress.
Note that at this time, a number of races are still yet to be called.

The change in party control will result in a change in committee ratios. In order to project what the committee ratios might look like in the new Congress, the Chamber looked at the committee ratios during the 109th Congress when the majority party held 232 seats and the minority held 203 seats. The new Democratic majority will, in consultation with the minority, set the final committee ratios. The committees could expand or contract in overall size and the new Congress could adopt different committee ratios. Therefore, the projected committee ratios are for illustrative purposes only.

This will be updated in the coming days.

[Click here for the House_Committee_Rosters]


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