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Digital Economy Committee


The Digital Economy Committee address issues of infrastructure, legislation, intellectual property rights, business climate and human resources related to information technology and telecommunications in Thailand. Digital Economy works to keep Chamber members informed about IT and Telecom-related issues and the developing technologies that affect the business community.


May: The topic of the meeting was ‘Digital Economy, Challenges and Opportunities.’ The presenters discussed one of the most high-profile initiatives of the current Thai government - the pledge to transform Thailand into a knowledge-based Digital Economy by harnessing technology and innovation to drive competitiveness and growth. The Digital Economy program is particularly focused on using ICT to provide new livelihoods for Thai entrepreneurs and SMEs, as well as promoting the use of electronic payments to reduce the costs associated with cash transactions. While such targets are commendable, implementation and realization have proven to be difficult, and after 20 months in power, the government is now under considerable pressure to deliver on its promises and demonstrate that this initiative can indeed improve Thailand’s struggling economy.


June: The topic of this meeting was ‘Understanding Today's New Digital Consumers in SEA’. It was insightful discussion on the emerging Southeast Asian digital consumer and the role digital plays in consumer shopping experiences. Southeast Asia is on the verge of an e-commerce boom and winning starts by understanding how consumer behavior here is quickly evolving. A new wave of digital consumers is reshaping the consumer landscape in Southeast Asia. Smart device penetration is to exceed 50% by 2016, meaning whole tranches of ‘mobile-first’ consumers are now accessible by digital methods. While the digital marketing industry has matured greatly in other markets over the past few years, how many lessons are transferable to Southeast Asia? What is different about the 90m consumers who are coming online mobile-first? Which emerging competitors are winning in each market? Bain, in cooperation with Google, has recently completed a study which leverages a survey of more than 6,000 digital consumers across six Southeast Asian markets in both urban and rural areas, to understand today’s consumers and the implications for B2C companies and ecosystem participants.


July: Digital Economy Round Table Discussion & Planning Session. During this meeting, the Digital Economy Committee discussed recent efforts by the Thai government to promote technology startups, and the current status of the proposed new Digital Economy laws.


August: Joint SME/Trade & Investment/Digital Economy Committees, “From SME Concept to Major Hollywood VFX Supplier: Yannix.” Yannix, started as an SME concept with just a few people 20 years ago. Since then, they have developed into one of the major providers of “visual effects" (VFX) or major Hollywood studios. But the development of their company is not just a "visual effect" but a reality in good business planning. This meeting discussed how Yannix became the success it is today. This was a meeting with something of interest for everyone: from the developing SME, to the high-tech development, or someone who's just interested in how they create magic on the Hollywood screen.


October: The topic of this meeting was ‘Blockchain – Beyond Finance’. This presenter explained how enterprises can now benefit from the structured approach for an application or a system benefiting from Blockchain tenets. Any multi-party, multi-layered transaction makes the enterprise suitable for leveraging Blockchain. Applying Blockchain, essentially applies the principle of a shared ledger – i.e. shared data, which then means visibility of not only the transactions, but even of the customer’s relationship data. The promise of disruption lies in cutting the costs involved in technologies and reducing the inefficiencies. IBM Blockchain Labs can help apply Blockchain technology to a certain application that is core to your business that could get more efficient.



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Co-Chair: Jirawat Poomsrikaew, Google

Co-Chair: Pawasut Seewirot, IBM

Co-Chair: Peter Fischbach, ISM Technology Recruitment Ltd.

Committee Coordinator: Khun Pen